Warranty sticker customizable + hologramOlogramma "CERTIFIX TESSILE" 30x55mm (200 pz)


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Warranty sticker customizable + hologram

Ologramma "CERTIFIX TESSILE" 30x55mm (200 pz)

Item available for Italian market only.

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Warranty sticker customizable + hologram

This item is available for Italian market only, to see the full description please select the italian language from the top page icon.

CERTIFIX®TESSILE is composed of a white polyester flag to be sewn inside the garments to enhance the genuineness of Made in Italy. The GENUINE hologram is made in high resolution DOT-MATRIX, which allows a remarkable light decomposition property in favor of a sure eye attraction, gives prestige and prestige, is synonymous with quality, control and production accuracy. On the hologram there is a laser engraving with an unrepeatable progressive number (like the banknotes), therefore it is suitable for monitoring the production lots, the geographical movement of the goods and the activity of the Licensee.
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The hologram is able to withstand the polyester flag for three delicate washings.

Size Label: 30x55
Dim. Hologram: 20x20mm

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It is a product of the highest quality that in addition to the utility already described, gives luster, professionalism and value to the products it accompanies.


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