Hologram sticker "CERTIFIX DOCUMENT" 17x33mm (160 pz)


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Hologram sticker "CERTIFIX DOCUMENT"

Item available for Italian market only.

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Hologram sticker "CERTIFIX DOCUMENT"

This item is available for Italian market only, to see the full description please select the italian language from the top page icon.

CERTIFIX® Document is a very high-definition DOT-MATRIX hologram containing micro text not visible to the naked eye and other secret counterfeit security measures. Studied for the public administrations, the local police forces that need to certify documents, invalid passes, traffic permits in restricted and restricted traffic areas.

Hologram stickers

It also satisfies the requests of all professionals who need to authenticate documents, guarantees, contracts, invoices, reports and appraisals.
Hologram stickers

It can adhere to any non-textile surface and has progressive unrepeatable numbering (like banknotes) and therefore lends itself to monitoring, control, unequivocal assignment by name, area or type of document.
Hologram stickers

It is a product of the highest quality that in addition to the usefulness already described, gives luster, professionalism and value to the accompanying documents.

The TWIN variant provides for double numbering.


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